Bay Explorers Burpengary Kindergarten and Child Care Centre

Give your little one the best possible start with a holistic approach to learning at Bay Explorers. We provide inclusive programs that offer a diverse and enriching range of educational experiences from 6 weeks of age to kindergarten. 

Families from Burpengary, Deception Bay, North Lakes, Rothwell, Hervey Bay and beyond enjoy the educational programs we deliver. We encourage your little ones to learn through play and shape their development by helping them understand the world around them. 

Our Philosophy - Nurturing Thriving Minds and Fostering Growth

At Bay Explorers’ Burpengary kindergarten and child care centre, we have a 'children first' philosophy. Our focus is on your little ones and nurturing their motor, sensory, emotional, social, intelligent and linguistic development. 

Our centre provides children with diverse, high-quality educational experiences that foster learning, development, and individuality on multiple levels. Together, our early learning professionals nurture and support the profound, multifaceted growth that young people undertake before entering primary school. 

We champion development through engaging and fun activities supervised by our educators. The centre further accommodates early learning experiences by delivering a variety of safe indoor and outdoor spaces to explore that establish lifelong learning foundations.

Children’s learning transpires through exploring, experimenting, and being curious about the world around them at a young age. Hence, we support your little one's natural inquiry for open-ended learning. We believe the early years are an important time to foster the love of learning in a space that is safe encouraging.

Creating Partnerships With Families in a Holistic Learning Environment

It's with confidence you can enrol your youngest family members in our service, knowing that they will be nurtured and cared for in a safe, positive, homelike environment. Every interaction with families is essential to us, and we are passionate about including the whole family throughout our Services.

With the understanding that your little one might find it confronting spending time away from home, our rooms emulate the home environment while also enabling your little ones to flourish independently. We are committed to working together to ensure each individual's needs are met and allow them to thrive using their imagination, curiosity, and creativity.

Creating an environment that engages the family means we are passionate about keeping communication open so we can support the needs of your child in our care and the whole family. We believe by nurturing these connections that we can collaborate more efficiently with families to support the learning and development of your young ones.

Enriching Little Lives With a Professional Team

Bay Explorers only employs fully qualified childcare Educators whose philosophical approach to learning matches our Service. Each professional educator is dedicated to providing an immersive educational experience.

Regardless of what room they're working in, our educators make the most of intentional and spontaneous learning opportunities. They encourage their young learners to be curious and take an interest in the world around them by nurturing their interests. Our modules for preschoolers are based on the Early Years Learning Framework. 

Within our classrooms, we employ the Queensland Guidelines at Burpengary Kindergarten to enrich learning and prepare your early learners for their schooling years. With a diverse team of professionals invested in social and academic development, you can be confident in leaving your little one each day, knowing they will access the best local pre-primary school education available.

Exceptional Education Starts with Bay Explorers

As leaders in early education, we provide part-time and full-time services for local Burpengary families. Our commitment to school preparation through our kindergarten classroom enables families to have the security of knowing their child is experiencing the very best kindergarten experience.

We welcome your interest in our Burpengary kindergarten and child care centre at any time of the year. For more information on all the services we provide for families, contact us about enrolment requirements at (07) 3203 1117.