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School Readiness Begins With Hervey Bay Kindergarten and Daycare Services

Play, learn, discover, be curious and create at either of our two kindergartens in Hervey Bay and our Deception Bay location. As a family-owned and run service, we consistently deliver high-quality early childhood education and daycare in a home-like environment.  

Children love spending time in our spaces with our focus on development and growth with a holistic approach. We respect their dignity, embrace their uniqueness and provide a solid program that allows them to navigate each phase of their young lives and grow into resilient, confident, secure people. 

Our purpose-built spaces let your little ones make discoveries through play and inquiry-based learning, led by experienced educators. We provide beautiful areas that allow your child to be curious about their environment while encouraging their boundless imagination and creativity. 

Bay Explorers’ Hervey Bay Kindergarten and Daycare service encourages acquiring knowledge through exploration using natural play materials and equipment, climbing structures, sandpits, wooden blocks, free play materials, and more. 

Supporting Families by Nurturing Children at Hervey Bay Kindergarten

We believe in creating collaborative partnerships with our families to ensure all little learners have the best possible chance to grow, create, discover, play and develop in their own way. We respect each individual and delight in their evolving self-determination, wonder and independence.  

In our unique culture, we value every interaction with parents, from our first meeting, regular drop-offs and pick-ups, and attending special events, to the moment of kindy graduation. We are warm, friendly, professional, and energised and want our families to feel a part of the rich experiences their little ones are having throughout the day. 

We ensure our communication is honest, open, and regular and we value sharing what discoveries little ones have made throughout their day. Our priority is to get to know families and their particular needs and deliver on the goals they have for their learners while in our classrooms. 

Encouraging Capable Learners in an Inclusive Space

At our Hervey Bay Kindergarten and Daycare, we are a friendly, inclusive and immersive environment that celebrates culture and diversity. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that encourages curious learners in a purpose-built space. 

Led by a team passionate about the love, care and guidance we provide within our service, you will experience an environment where each child truly flourishes. Our educators are fully qualified and respectful in supporting your little ones in establishing their sense of self. 

Our educators and support staff facilitate a welcoming atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to express themselves, ask questions, find answers, be curious and discover ideas from those around them. We help the children gain skills that see them thrive going into prep and beyond, with our accredited educational programs. 

Contact Us

If you're looking for a Service loved by children and trusted by families, we welcome you to enrol with us. For every stage your little one is at, you can be confident they will feel secure with our team, who are supportive and nurturing.  

We understand that this can be an anxious time for some parents, and often, you're unsure where to start. We recommend contacting our support team to organise a tour, we are always happy to show you around. You can see first-hand how our facilities nurture the well-being of your little one in a family-like environment by visiting us. 

Have a question? Contact us anytime at (07) 4194 6048 or We can arrange a visit, or you can speak to our team about enrolling your child into one of our Services now, or in the future.