Nursery and Toddler Outdoor Environment

Our tailor-made nursery and toddler outdoor playscape provides a shady, fresh area for our children to work on their crawling and balancing as they explore and play. In our nursery sand pit, the children enjoy discovering different textures and surfaces all while eagerly watching the older children running around in the neighbouring playscape. A custom made slippery dip provides a gentle slope for the children to explore.

Our babies enjoy the fresh air and a natural extension of the warmth and caring that our nursery environment has become very well known for. First steps and early exploration is encouraged as our professional educators are always present to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our smallest charges.

Learning through play is an every day highlight at our centre. Our educators transition countless traditional indoor activities into opportunities for fun outside as art, music and challenging physical activites are supported and explored.  Our youngest children experience boundless enjoyment in play-based learning within our specialised outdoor environment.