Kindy Outdoor Environment

Our Kindergarten children are fortunate to have access to all of our outdoor play areas including a large unencumbered grassy playscape where they are able to run, play sports and participate in our planned outdoor activities.

Supporting strong development in gross motor skills is vitally important in the year of Kindy. This includes , We recognise that as children grow they love improving their gross motor skills, particularly when it comes to bikes, scooters and carts. All of these can be thoroughly enjoyed on our custom-designed bike path. A small hill adds physical challenge and the delight of a “hidden” cubby underneath. As the children have fun in this play area, they are constantly enhancing their social and emotional skills as they learn the basics of considerately giving way, helping others and the simple joy of mastering steering and pedalling.

At this age, children always enjoy dressing up and putting on a show, so the versatile covered deck is often transformed into a stage for everyone’s impromptu enjoyment. The vegetable plot gives our children many learning opportunities to dig and plant, water and observe. This demonstrates our philosophy of quality and connectedness as the children can contribute to the nutritious food that is prepared on the premises, through their own gardening explorations. Our worm farm furthers their understanding of sustainability.

Children explore our rainforest, through a sequence of bridges and boardwalks, enjoying natural shade, and bird and insect life. The massive sandpit is a constant source of fun and experimentation and they can clamber into a real boat and set off on a high seas adventure.

Lastly, our custom-designed fort has been engineered to the highest standards to give the children a constantly engaging area to climb, slide, navigate and play hide and seek in, and even to simply observe all the action from the highest point in the play scape. There is a rock climbing wall, boulder climb, bridges and ready-made cubby houses ready for daily transformation into shops, restaurants, classrooms or whatever intriguing idea the children wish to explore.

The children master so many life skills interacting with each other and our educators in a vast and beautifully landscaped outdoor environment that sets the highest possible benchmark for quality in child care.