Our Fresh Food

At Bay Explorers, we focus on the children's nutrition as a vital part of the holistic care we provide. Using fresh ingredients delivered daily, our Chefs deliver fresh, seasonal meals, that delight even the pickiest palate.

In Urraween, Chefs Scott and Lincoln call on their decades of Food Service experience to design a menu that is both appealing and focussed on proper nutritional content.  This is refreshed regularly to reflect the seasons and the very best of available local produce. 

With babies through to our Kindy children showing a significant progression from fully dependent to emerging independence, our Chefs cater specifically to each age group.  In the older children we encourage hygienic self-service, building important skills, communication ability and confidence.

Variety remains our main focus, providing the children with dishes from different cuisines of the world such as Thai, Indian, Italian, and Mexican, just to name a few.  This is so the children’s palate or “taste buds” become accustomed to different textures, spices and sauces used in this wide variety of dishes.  We regularly encourage children to try new foods, by making or sharing stories about where the dishes come from.  

Professional technique and close attention to detail ensures that all food prepared meets the children’s allergy (and intolerance), cultural and other specific requirements.

Good food is a significant component of the Care and Educational Program throughout the Service.  That’s why if you pop in at lunch time, you might find our Chefs in conversation with the children, talking about ingredients and cooking techniques.  You’ll also see our Educators sitting down and enjoying the meal with the children, modelling table manners and leading conversations about food and other topics.  We call it our “Sunday Lunch” approach, as we teach the children to respect their food, where it has come from, who has prepared it - and to thoroughly enjoy eating it!

Our Educators support the Chefs' endeavours and the children’s love of food, through the use of our extensive veggie patches, which are a revolving experiment on growing fruits, veggies and herbs for the children to enjoy.  From planting to picking, then preparation and devouring their meals, the children have a complete understanding of the food cycle and the part they can play in it.

At Bay Explorers, we preference local suppliers with whom we have close relationships.  They ensure the quality of our produce is exceptionally high, delivered daily and sourced locally.

Our Chefs love talking with families, so please say hi when you’re in the Service.  They also love hearing feedback and sharing recipes back and forth.