At such an exciting time of development, our Toddlers enjoy lots of stimulation and interesting activities, followed by nourishing meals and big rests! This is an age where so much energy is given to exploring and developing fine and gross motor skills. They are learning about balance and starting to run, climbing and jumping and are interested in just about everything.

We provide an indoor environment that meets all of the children’s needs from developing independence with their toileting and hand washing to having their very own beds for naptime.  A wide and ever-changing variety of art materials is always on hand, manipulatives that encourage the children to focus and learn precision, a cuddly soft corner for resting any time and enjoying books and soft toys and plentiful dress-ups.  Home corner is a firm favourite with this age group and our Toddlers love playing with realistic kitchen equipment, setting the table, exploring play fruits and vegetables and so much more.

We provide experiences for the children based around their passions. This may be based on learning about your child through conversations with family, or in observing what each child loves most in our environment and building on that interest. We have many learning experiences evolving throughout the day that consist of large group, small group and individual activities so your child can achieve many new skills such as social interaction, language and cognitive development.

One of our specialities is messy play with our Toddlers, where children and Educators alike dive into explorative sensory experiences that provide much enjoyment and learning.  From making our own playdough together to slime, sand-based and mud experiences we engage the children in the very serious business of creativity through play.   

Toddlers’ Outdoor Environment

The Toddler playscape is like none other on the Fraser Coast.  Extensive vegetable gardens enable the children to embrace concepts of sustainability and scientific discovery, as they plant, feed and eventually harvest their own produce.  We know how much satisfaction and confidence the children experience when they are finally able to pick carrots, sweet corn, passionfruit and more from their very own garden.  When curiosity takes over and plants are picked too soon or over-watered etc., we have even more opportunities to teach our youngest children about patience in caring for their environment.  The veggie patches are a daily source of exploration and education for our toddlers.

The adventure playscape includes many other features such as their own sheltered sandpit, timber cubby house, yarning circle, slippery dip and bike track.  Four beautiful mature trees provide natural shade and a home for our resident birds’ nest.