From six weeks of age we ensure our babies have the best care available, at all times. Our Educators in Nursery are highly experienced and focus on providing a nurturing and home-like environment for our littlest children. We collaborate with our parents to understand each child's individual needs and ensure we cater our service to meet those needs. Supporting home routines, understanding nutrition and sleep requirements are all part of our tailored service.

The Nursery room is fresh, airy and spacious with plenty of natural light.  Children sleep soundly in our timber cots with freshly laundered linens and a fully climate-controlled atmosphere for utmost comfort. 

The resources in our Nursery are perfectly calibrated for our babies’ enjoyment and comfort, with different colours, textures and shapes all designed to aid in learning and development.  With individualised care, our babies flourish at Bay Explorers.

Nursery Outdoor Environment

Our babies have their own fully shaded sandpit as a key feature of their outdoor environment.  As they grow and develop they are able to pull themselves up and observe the toddlers exploring their playscape, communicating with the older children and learning from their example.  Comfort and safety are key, but so is ensuring our youngest children are stimulated and able to fully explore an engaging and lovely playscape.