Our Kindergarten is specifically designed with Prep readiness in mind. Starting school is one of the biggest steps in a young child's life, so we ensure our Kindergarten experience prepares them in every way for this exciting time.

Kindy Outdoor EnvironmentKindy Outdoor EnvironmentCollaborating closely with Fraser Coast schools, we understand the expectations of Prep teachers and the school environment.  The expertise of our Early Childhood Teacher and team of Qualified Educators is calibrated to ensure the right mix of play and learning, challenge and stimulation all whilst maintaining a safe and nurturing setting.

A visit to our Kindy immediately shows parents, guardians and families that Bay Explorers provides only the best and most useful resources, across a range of disciplines, to ensure a complete educational experience.  We engage with the children across art, numeracy and literacy, science and music as well as providing a physical environment that challenges and delights.  We integrate sustainability into our everyday activities using teachable moments such as taking fruit scraps to the compost or feeding the worms, to ensure our children continue developing love and respect for their natural environment.

Within the Kindergarten room we believe it is important to focus on all aspects of development when educating your child. As such, emotional, social, physical and cognitive development is specifically targeted through a play-based program directed towards each individual child, and their family. More than just the ability to write their name or count to 10, children within the Kindergarten room are challenged and encouraged to engage in the world around them, developing a sense of identity and belonging. They are inspired to socially interact and communicate, build responsibility and become confident and capable learners.  But most of all, the children are able to engage in stimulating play-based activities designed to further their interests, future learning and development.

Healthy habits for life are an ongoing focus in Kindy, with good nutrition, hygiene and high levels of physical activity all cornerstones of our program.  Dental care, hand washing, serving food and other essential life skills are a continued focus with this age group.  With a first-class kitchen and cook, our menus are designed to meet the children’s dietary needs whilst delighting them with fresh, colourful and healthy choices.  As our vegetable gardens progress, with the children’s active involvement, the Kindy kids will learn the joy of planting, caring for, harvesting and eating their own healthful foods.  In these ways, we support the children’s developing independence in making healthy choices for themselves and taking responsibility for their own bodies.

Our Kindergarten provides a fully accredited program of learning that supports the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework.  We additionally utilise regional AEDI data to further identify specific learning and developmental needs and give our Kindy children the very best learning platform from which to flourish.

Kindy Outdoor Environment

Our playscape is like no other on the Fraser Coast.  A custom-made fort with cubbies and slides gives the children a view over all of our natural environment.  From here they can see the expansive Kindy sandpit, bike track, veggie patches, climbing wall and …. their very own mud pit.  As with our Urangan service, we are developing our own rainforest area and the children take great pleasure in exploring hidden pathways through this shady area. 

We understand that the very best learning in early childhood comes through play and everything at Bay Explorers is designed to ensure the most fun, engaging and satisfying experiences for our Kindy children.