Our toddlers enjoy a cosy, homely environment that encourages children to become increasingly involved in activities and experiences that foster a love of learning. These children are active learners and are involved in a range of age-appropriate experiences such as art, music, movement, and story-telling that aid development and encourage children to grow at their own pace.

Our classroom Educators develop an educational program that focuses on encouraging independence, and the development of language, self-expression and fundamental social skills. The classroom Educators will provide children with resources and activities according to what they have observed, what the children have shown interest in and/or suggestions from families. Our teaching methods are based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our programming is designed to support all areas of learning and development, both indoors and outdoors. When we explore and play in our custom designed playscape, we are engaging with the environment and actively learning about sustainability.

We believe that the process of learning happens most effectively through play by fostering a caring, happy, challenging and stimulating environment. Put simply, we encourage the children to play, and therefore to learn.

Educators invite parental input and involvement on a daily basis, ensuring meaningful experiences within the continuity of our Bay Explorers environment, our families and their home lives and into the greater community.

In our classrooms the Educators create inspirational learning spaces which stimulate and encourage our children’s involvement with others, the room itself, our playground, our high quality resources sourced from all around the world and our beautiful natural environment.

Our Educators provide intentional learning opportunities as well as embracing unintentional opportunities that arise throughout the day; this enables the children to embrace new experiences and use incidental learning and teachable moments to extend on children’s abilities.

We focus on using the outcomes, principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and the elements of BELONGING, BECOMING and BEING to achieve the five learning outcomes.

Our Educators provide open-ended learning experiences to encourage the children to develop positive relationships and become involved learners. Educators co-learn in an ongoing cycle which celebrates children’s ideas and scaffold each child’s learning to actively foster high level thinking.

Toddler Outdoor Environment

Learning through play in our vast toddler playground is an every-day highlight. With plenty of shade and lush landscaping, this area transforms from calm and reflective to a space full of laughter and glee as the children interact with each other, our dedicated Educators and the plentiful resources that make this environment unique.

The toddlers delight in their very own safe and exciting bike path as they explore their newly found skills with a variety of wheeled vehicles. They can explore across bridges and a slide, clamber into a real boat and enjoy a spacious area specifically designed for this age group to challenge their growing skills in balancing, climbing, running and jumping. Many traditional indoor activities become boundless fun outside as our Educators create intentional and ever changing opportunities for the children to engage in art, music, physical activities, games and every form possible of play-based learning.

This age group particularly enjoys dressing up and putting on a show, so the versatile covered deck is often transformed into a stage for everyone’s impromptu enjoyment. A vegetable plot gives the children many learning opportunities to dig and plant, water and observe.

Lastly, our shady sandpit is a gathering spot for families and Educators every day, enhancing our sense of community whilst giving the children a beautifully designed and maintained area to play in and explore.