Our Nursery is an attentive, calm and joy-filled environment for babies from 6 weeks of age. We respect the routines established by our families and work hand in hand with them to create the best possible experience for our littlest children.

The babies enjoy a very cosy environment reminiscent of home with pets to enjoy, including fish and birds, the brightness of indoor plants and a specially landscaped outdoor play area for their safe exploration. Even the youngest of children are provided with opportunities to extend their learning through their interests, and enjoy many art and music-based activities.

Our children all love the fresh fruit and vegetables in their carefully crafted meals prepared in our kitchen at Bay Explorers. Mealtimes in the Nursery are always a highlight, from the smoothest of purees to a more tactile exploration as the children become ready to start feeding themselves.

Central to our warm and caring environment are the close relationships we maintain with all of our children and their families. Clear and consistent communication is key and we enjoy every opportunity to share in your child’s growth and progress at Bay Explorers and at home.

We encourage children to become confident and involved learners as they explore, experiment, and investigate throughout every day at Bay Explorers.

Nursery Outdoor Environment

Our tailor-made nursery outdoor playscape provides a shady, fresh area for our children to work on their crawling and balancing as they explore and play. With their own sand pit the children enjoy discovering different textures and surfaces all while eagerly watching the Toddlers running around in the neighbouring playscape.

Our babies enjoy the fresh air and a natural extension of the warmth and caring that our Nursery environment has become very well known for. Art and music are explored and first steps encouraged as our professional Educators constantly ensure the safety and wellbeing of our smallest charges.