Toddlers at our centre are nurtured in a safe and happy home like environment. Our focus at this age is to foster a passion for learning through a wide variety of fun, engaging experiences. Our toddlers learn through active participation in activities such as music, movement, art and storytelling. These activities foster both mental and physical development and allow children to grow at their own pace.

Educators at our centre implement learning programs which focus on fostering independence and social skills as well as language and self-expression. At Bay Explorers, teaching methods are based on the Early Years Learning Framework, so educational structures are fluid and tailored to the needs of each individual child’s abilities and interests.

A very important element of our educational programming is outdoor play in our beautiful natural environment. With our custom made and designed outdoor play areas we are able to bring critical focus to our children's physical health and development. 

Key to our philosophy is the belief that the most effective way for children to learn is through play.  Our children do this in an environment that balances their need for care, as well as being challenged and stimulated.  Throughout every day we individually support the children to learn through play.

We embrace input from our parents and families, and treasure day to day involvement at our service as we collaborate to create meaningful experiences for our children.  Through these productive relationships we are able to maintain continuity between our environment, our families' home lives and the community at large.  

Much attention is given to ensuring that learning spaces are inspirational and invite the children to participate at every level in the process of learning.  Our resources are specifically designed to stimulate curiosity and challenge intellectual exploration.  

Learning is facilitated in an intentional manner but also as a reaction to recognising and extending children's interests.  In this way we invite the children to welcome new experiences and through teachable moments we build on their existing skillsets.

At Bay Explorers, we focus on using the outcomes, principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and the elements of BELONGING, BECOMING and BEING to support the children's learning within our national pedagogy.

Children are encouraged to be involved learners whilst developing positive relationships through the open-ended learning experiences that our educators provide.  With an ongoing cycle of programming and planning we support co-learning with our children, celebrating their ideas and scaffolding their individual needs to proactively promote high level thinking in our Toddlers' environment and across the whole service.