Catering to babies from 6 weeks of age, our nursery is a calm, attentive, and joy-filled environment. Through close consultation with our families, we are able to respect the home routines experienced by our babies, and ensure the best possible experience for our youngest children.

Our nursery is reminiscent of home, creating a cosy and welcoming feeling for our families. We include plants in this environment and children participate in indoor outdoor play as they safely utilise a specially landscaped outdoor play area specifically for our nursery children. Art and music are part of our daily practice, as educators extend the learning opportunites of our youngest children. The children's own likes and interests are always supported and extended. 

Our in-house chef crafts meals bursting with flavour and nutrition, with a focus on vegetables and a variety of fresh fruit in lovingly prepared cuisine. Nursery mealtimes are always a highlight, from the silkiest of purees to enabling a more hands-on exploration as the children learn important life skills in self feeding.

At Bay Explorers relationships with families come first, and this is evident every day in our nursery where we work with families to ensure we are always providing a warm and love-filled learning experience for their children. Our dedication to consistent and clear communication is central to our strong relationships and we relish sharing in our children's growth and development both in our service and at home. 

We support children to develop into involved and confident lifelong learners as they investigate, explore, and safely experiment every day at Bay Explorers.