Bay Explorers - Hervey Bay

Consistently across all of our classrooms, our professional Lead Educators utilise an emergent curriculum based upon the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.


Our Nursery is an attentive, calm and joy-filled environment for babies from 6 weeks of age. We respect the routines established by our families and work hand in hand with them to create the best possible experience for our littlest children.

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The babies enjoy a very cosy environment reminiscent of home with pets to enjoy, including fish and birds, and the brightness of plants and a specially landscaped outdoor play area for their safe exploration. Even the youngest of children are provided with opportunities to extend their learning through their interests, and enjoy many art and music-based activities.

Our children all love the fresh fruit and vegetables in their carefully crafted meals prepared in our kitchen at Bay Explorers. Mealtimes in the Nursery are always a highlight, from the smoothest of purees to a more tactile exploration as the children become ready to start feeding themselves.

Central to our warm and caring environment are the close relationships we maintain with all of our children and their families. Clear and consistent communication is key and we enjoy every opportunity to share in your child’s growth and progress at Bay Explorers and at home.

We encourage children to become confident and involved learners as they explore, experiment, and investigate throughout every day at Bay Explorers.

Nursery Outdoor Environment

Our tailor-made nursery outdoor playscape provides a shady, fresh area for our children to work on their crawling and balancing as they explore and play. With their own sand pit the children enjoy discovering different textures and surfaces all while eagerly watching the Toddlers running around in the neighbouring playscape.

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Our babies enjoy the fresh air and a natural extension of the warmth and caring that our Nursery environment has become very well known for. Art and music are explored and first steps encouraged as our professional Educators constantly ensure the safety and wellbeing of our smallest charges.


Our toddlers enjoy a cosy, homely environment that encourages children to become increasingly involved in activities and experiences that foster a love of learning. These children are active learners and are involved in a range of age-appropriate experiences such as art, music, movement, and story-telling that aid development and encourage children to grow at their own pace.

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Our classroom Educators provide an educational program that focuses on encouraging independence, and the development of language, self-expression and fundamental social skills. The classroom Educators will provide children with resources and activities according to what they have observed, what the children have shown interest in and/or suggestions from families. Our teaching methods are based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our programming is designed to support all areas of learning and development, both indoors and outdoors. When we explore and play in our custom designed playscape, we are engaging with the environment and actively learning about sustainability.

We believe that the process of learning happens most effectively through play by fostering a caring, happy, challenging and stimulating environment. Put simply, we encourage the children to play, and therefore to learn.

Educators invite parental input and involvement on a daily basis, ensuring meaningful experiences within the continuity of our Bay Explorers environment, our families and their home lives and into the greater community.

In our classrooms the Educators create inspirational learning spaces which stimulate and encourage our children’s involvement with others, the room itself, our playground, our high quality resources sourced from all around the world and our beautiful natural environment.

Our Educators provide both intentional and unintentional learning opportunities; this enables the children to embrace new experiences and use incidental learning and teachable moments to extend on children’s abilities.

We focus on using the outcomes, principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and the elements of BELONGING, BECOMING and BEING to achieve the five learning outcomes.

Our Educators provide open-ended learning experiences to encourage the children to develop positive relationships and become involved learners. Educators co-learn in an ongoing cycle which celebrates children’s ideas and scaffold each child’s learning to actively foster high level thinking.

Toddler Outdoor Environment

Learning through play in our vast toddler playground is an every-day highlight. With plenty of shade and lush landscaping, this area transforms from calm and reflective to a space full of laughter and glee as the children interact with each other, our dedicated Educators and the plentiful resources that make this environment unique.

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The toddlers delight in their very own safe and exciting bike path as they explore their newly found skills with a variety of wheeled vehicles. They can explore across bridges and a slide, clamber into a real boat and enjoy a spacious area specifically designed for this age group to challenge their growing skills in balancing, climbing, running and jumping. Many traditional indoor activities become boundless fun outside as our Educators create intentional and ever changing opportunities for the children to engage in art, music, physical activities, games and every form possible of play-based learning.

This age group particularly enjoys dressing up and putting on a show, so the versatile covered deck is often transformed into a stage for everyone’s impromptu enjoyment. A vegetable plot gives the children many learning opportunities to dig and plant, water and observe.

Lastly, our shady sandpit is a gathering spot for families and Educators every day, enhancing our sense of community whilst giving the children a beautifully designed and maintained area to play and explore.

Junior Kindy

Junior Kindy at Bay Explorers is specifically tailored to children between the ages of 2 and 3. We work cooperatively with the Toddler classrooms and the Senior Kindy classrooms to build both learning and social opportunities.

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Our Junior Kindy Educators all share the same professional philosophy to help the children to discover their own identities so that we can embrace and build on each individual child’s skill sets and special areas of interest. We strongly encourage parents to share their family environments with us so we can always consistently implement new ideas within our daily activities.

We run a flexible indoor/outdoor routine within our classroom so that we can engage the children and take every opportunity to develop the interests of the children. We as Educators believe that we give the children a strong foundation to become confident and involved learners by providing daily experiences that encourage them to develop a range of skills and an understanding of processes such as problem solving, experimentation, hypothesizing and investigating.

Senior Kindy

At Bay Explorers Early Learning, we provide a benchmark quality environment for children aged from 3 to 4 years in the Senior Kindy classroom. We meet the needs of each individual child within tailored indoor and outdoor spaces that present fresh experiences, utilising targeted programming and resources in order to develop the children’s social skills in fun, safe and secure surroundings.

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Children of this age are starting to understand social skills such as sharing and being kind. They often enjoy being with other children and tend to spend more time playing together. Our qualified Educators will model communication strategies to support children in initiating interactions and joining in play and social experiences in ways that sustain positive relationships with other children. Our learning environment is intentionally designed to promote small group interactions and play experiences.

Children in our classroom show enthusiasm for participating in physical play and negotiating play spaces. Our Educators provide a range of both active and restful experiences throughout the day and support children to make confident decisions in learning opportunities and participation. Our children are empowered to follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm and concentration. Educators at Bay Explorers will listen intently to children’s ideas and discuss with them how these ideas might be developed and explored. Opportunities are provided for children to revisit their ideas regularly and extend their thinking.

Play is the vehicle through which children learn, develop and acquire skills and knowledge. Our Senior Kindy children are given unlimited opportunities to engage in play in all of its forms with freedom to explore and experiment, with no limitations on children’s learning opportunities. A variety of experiences and activities will ensure that your child will flourish, exercising their full potential in all areas whist attending the Bay Explorers Senior Kindy classroom.


At Bay Explorers Early Learning Kindergarten, we deliver a unique program focusing on excellence in education. In doing this we are ensuring our children are heading off to Prep with all of the skills required to be fully prepared to succeed on every level.

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We aim to maximise our children’s learning experiences by incorporating the Kindergarten Guidelines, the current AEDI data and the Early Years Learning Framework into a seamless and engaging learning environment.

While the Early Years Learning Framework focuses on children from birth to five years, the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines are unique in that they aim to specifically enrich children's learning in the kindergarten year. In Queensland, the kindergarten year is the year before the preparatory year of schooling. Throughout this very important year, our children's right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through play, and emergent and planned learning experiences and interactions.

At Bay Explorers Early Learning, our program aims to familiarise your child with the key learning areas they will face in their first year of school, whilst building resilience. These learning areas include numeracy and literacy, science, art, social emotional learning, music/drama and health and wellbeing (sports, movement). Play will always remain the main focus of our Kindergarten timetable, as we continue to support, develop and extend your child's individualism, interests, ideas and creativity.

We respect that parents are fundamentally their child's first educator and we embrace the vital role you play in your child's life and their ongoing learning journey. We therefore aim to provide many opportunities for you to join your child in the classroom and encourage you to take part in various invitational activities throughout the year. Our Teacher is always available to speak with you on an informal basis upon dropping off or collecting your child, to discuss with you any concerns, ideas or comments you may have.

Our Kindergarten room is the reflection of all the learning the children have accomplished throughout the previous 4-5 years.

Children are gaining a mass of individuality, direction, communication skills and independence as to how they would like their day to be. For this reason we are able to focus on each child's strengths, interests and needs to create each day with a flexible daily routine yet one where the children are offered a range of opportunities to involve themselves in activities based on learning areas such as science, mathematics, pre-reading, pre-writing, social and emotional, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Although these abilities are our focus throughout all age groups at Bay Explorers, we are able to enhance these skills more readily within this age group in readiness for school. Bay Explorers administers the Queensland Kindergarten Program, employing a Degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher to lead this class.

The children share in the leadership of this class, telling us exactly as it is and really coming to understand the depth of human emotion. Social and emotional learning is a continued facet of importance with this age as we strive to create a supportive team environment where the children feel confident to discuss issues with their friends independently, as well feeling comfortable just being who they are.

We aim for each child to progress into the school environment with excellence and ease!

Our Kindergarten Teacher will complete a 'Transition Statement' for each child, which will be sent to your child's prep teacher to ensure that there is a high quality of continuity of learning and your child is supported in their learning environment.

Kindy Outdoor Environment

Our largest outdoor playscape is ready for all the energy, exploration and experimentation our Junior Kindy, Senior Kindy and Kindergarten children can possibly muster. A dedicated Sports Court offers our potential Test Cricketers, Firebirds and Socceroos the space they need to hone their ball handling techniques and team player skills.

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We recognise that as children grow they love improving their gross motor skills, particularly when it comes to bikes, scooters and carts and all these can be thoroughly enjoyed on the largest of our custom-designed bike paths. As the children have fun in this play area they are constantly enhancing their social and emotional skills as they learn the basics of considerately giving way, helping others and the simple joy of mastering steering and pedalling.

The children gain an intimate understanding of sustainability and nutrition, as they interact with our veggie gardens and worm farm and eagerly observe our fruit trees as they grow in this large, landscaped play space. Children explore our rainforest through a sequence of bridges and boardwalks, enjoying natural shade, and bird and insect life. The massive sandpit is a constant source of fun and experimentation.

The children become aware of caring for others and taking responsibility as they help to look after our many pets at Bay Explorers including guinea pigs, fish and birds.

Lastly, our custom-designed fort has been engineered to the highest standards to give the children a constantly engaging area to climb, slide, navigate and play hide and seek in, and even to simply observe all the action from the highest point in the play scape. There is a rock climbing wall, boulder climb, bridges and three ready-made cubby houses ready for daily transformation into shops, restaurants, classrooms or whatever intriguing idea the children wish to explore.

The children master so many life skills interacting with each other and our Educators in a playscape that sets the highest possible benchmark for quality in child care.

The Benchmark for Quality in Child Care

At Bay Explorers every aspect of our interactions with families has been considered and planned for. Our security is professionally monitored and includes strictly managed keypad entry, a state of the art alarm and CCTV system with extensive coverage of our outdoor areas.

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We have designed a parent lounge for our families’ daily enjoyment, which has become both an impromptu gathering space and a wonderful area for our regularly hosted morning teas and information sessions.

Lastly, our custom designed kitchen is a hub of culinary creativity every day as we serve nutritious, balanced and delicious meals to all of our children and staff. Every meal is made from scratch on the premises using only the freshest possible local produce. Our children at Bay Explorers expend an enormous amount of energy on play and learning every day so we ensure our plentiful, hand crafted meals are nourishing and scrumptious. We are always ready to discuss allergies and special requirements with our families.

Parents and families are welcome to visit us at any time and understand for themselves why Bay Explorers has set a new benchmark for quality in child care and education.